Silver City, Idaho Gold & Silver Mining Rush

Integra Resources Corp (ITR) tries to develop a mine in the district. M&M wrote a new report on that operation. It was written for investors to help them sort out the good from the bad. But let's get back to the colorful history of the place.

Silver City was at the center of what would be one of the largest silver discoveries in the West....

By 1869, the town supported two newspapers and had numerous saloons and other businesses. Telegraph service reached Silver City in 1874, making it one of the first cities in Idaho to be connected to the outside world.

During its peak Silver City had at least 10 streets, seventy-five businesses, three hundred homes, and twelve ore-processing mills...

On March 25, 1868, Golden Chariot mine forces advanced on the Ida Elmore shaft and an underground battle commenced. Heavy firing ensued and ... Violence continued however and troops were summoned to stop the fighting...

Read the article.

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