Due Diligence in Mining

If you don't do it yourself or employ reputable people/specialists to do it on your behalf then you are nothing but a buyer of the above.

Remember that sellers of moose/ kangaroo/ ostrich pastures employ unscrupulous paid newsletter writers, boiler rooms, manipulated trade shows, and hidden behind a handle twitter accounts (no real name given) to separate you from your hard earned cash. The mining related media (interviewers, video producers) is also biased - look for their credentials and sponsors.

There is some light though.

M&M is doing due diligence on behalf of its clients. In certain ways, we are the gold standard.

At times M&M is also preparing reports for the E-store.

The E-store reports are shorter and not as complex as the custom reports which you can order anytime on any mining/exploration company/type of mineral deposit that you fancy.

Be careful out there.

To make money you have to stop losing them.

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