1886: Diamond Mines & The Lost City of Kalahari

William Leonard Hunt (June 10, 1838 – January 17, 1929), also known by the stage name The Great Farini, was a well-known nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Canadian funambulist, entertainment promoter and inventor, as well as the first known white man to cross the Kalahari Desert on foot and survive.

It is less known that Great Farini also owned an interest in a few gold-silver British Columbia, Canada mines. I had the chance to go prospecting that area and I ended up finding lots of mineralized quartz floats on that side of the mountains. They carried good gold and silver values and came from veins that have been left unmined by old timers.

Nowadays the over 100 years old Farini mines are collapsed and difficult to identify due to landslides, forest fires and overgrowth.

This is what I have found at the entrance of one of his mines.

Read Farini's Book on the Kalahari Trip

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